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Solving the Water Crisis' series

The 'solving the water crisis' video series is the story of my search for solutions to the world wide water crisis.  It started as a simple search for technology to make the more effective use of water but traumatic events quickly showed that the key was the way humans as individuals work within organizations.

Available as a series of free downloads from the web in low resolution .wmv video format (see below) it is now available on DVD.  (see cover notes here) .

Available by email at colinaustin@bigpond.com running time 75 mins. 

Cost $15 in Australia or $18 overseas, including post and packaging. 
Payment by PayPal or direct transfer (please email for details).

The second part of the series will start again in the new year.  The next episode will  look at how a household can be come almost self sufficient in water for garden irrigation. Later episodes will look at scheduling, the most cost effective way of making better us of water.

Then we will look at one of the key hazards on modern irrigation, salinity and salt build up in the soil.


This months video

Part 5  The water paradigm (3.6 mb wmv file)

We only harvest a minute amount of rain, we only catch large rains that falls on mountains and miss small rains that fall on plains. In this episode we introduce the concept of the useful life of water and how we can save our dam water by extending the useful life of rain.

Download Part 5


Previous Months Videos

Coming Videos

Part 1. The ghost town (3.3 mb wmv file) Part 6.  How a household can become almost self sufficient in garden irrigation water.
Part 2. Death of the silver bullet (3.6 mb wmv file) Part 7.  Scheduling  (a) controlling irrigation depth
Part 3. The eco village  (7.6 mb wmv file) Part 8.  Scheduling (b) adaptive or self learning irrigation
Part 4How to stop our dams emptying (3.4 mb wmv file) Part 9.  Sustainability and salinity
Part 5  The water paradigm  Part 10. Adoption by the community
Now available on DVD -email colinaustin@bigpond.com Starting in the new year


The current  web video is created at low resolution, order the DVD for high resolution version.

Please email me at colinaustin@bigpond.com 

Colin Austin
Kookaburra Park Eco Village
Gin Gin Queensland Australia 4671

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