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How my wife developed diabetes and we were given misleading advice but learned that the root cause of diabetes is hormonal imbalance which can be reversed by changing gut biology.

Join the Gbiota club
Mechanics of joining the Gbiota club - expectations, duties, costs and passwords

Making a Gbiota bed (updated) 13 Mar 18  Latest report on making a Gbiota bed (members only)

Principles of Gbiota Bed 14 Feb 18
Look at the underlying theory behind Gbiota beds - what we can learn from the agricultural system of ancient cultures and how plants grow in the wild.

Why the rhizosphere is so important and how water, nutrients and soil biology can enter the plant and how consuming plants in a balanced eco-system may improve our gut biology.

Gbiota Project  14 Feb 2018  overview of Gbiota project

Preventing Diabetes
Looks at how ancient and modern agriculture has changed our diet increasing the energy content of our food while reducing the refurbishing components.

It looks at how historically infectious diseases - which were the major cause of death -have been replaced by non - communicable or chronic diseases which are dominated by diet.

It then looks at how our gut biology is an intelligent system with millions of cells communicating with each other - like in a computer to provide intelligence. Based on this intelligence our guts produce hormones which essentially control our appetite.

This intelligent brain can however be trained so we can change what we want to eat.

It then looks at the processes of innovation comparing the bottom up reductionist approach of modern science with the top down - more empirical approach of the innovator.

It argues we need to change our food system which is best achieved by a coordinate group which can test the mew technology and act as advocates.


Looks at how food the complexity of how food affects our bodies where there are still many scientific problems where we - as yet - do not know the answers. However we can learn from the more traditional ways of growing using the engineering approach of managing ignorance.


Looks at the problem of how the web has provided us with a simply amazing source of information but on the other hand can be prone to false information and the widespread promotion of products for profit when there is really little underlying solid technology.

It discusses how citizen research can provide a system of cross checking the validity of claims.

Club confidential files

Gbiota home page  14Mar 18 Easy entry to the club pages

Remaking my Gbiota bed  13 Mar 18 latest update on my experiments on the Gbiota system

How to build a Gbiota bed  13 Mat 18

Ongoing description of my experiments in building Gbiota beds